Thursday, December 09, 2010

Metabolic Efficiency - Day 9 - Eating Out

Another day of successful eating (I think!) with a curve ball thrown at me in the evening! Here's how I got through. And let's count the fruit and veggie servings (best ballpark figure anyway) while we are at it.

What I ate:
Breakfast was an uber-delicious smoothie. I think the vanilla whey protein helps make them taste like milkshakes. I crammed 3 servings of fruit into this one - banana, blueberries and cherries.
Midmorning, some mixed nuts (keep 'em in the desk drawer) and leftover apple/pear/raisin/tofu salad from last night. Two more servings of fruit here.
I swam over lunch and when I got back to my desk I had some celery, almond butter and 2 clementines. One fruit and one veggie serving.

enough to get me through a 2pm meeting!
 After a meeting I had my "lunch" (at 3pm). Spinach salad, 1/2c of chick peas and some scrambled eggs (made them last night). That's one more veggie serving.

made the eggs the night before. Filling meal, actually!
About 4:30 my husband calls to tell me he's on his way home and if he wanted to go out to eat to "celebrate" the bonus I got at work. Sure, as long as they have metabolically efficient foods! But the place he chose certainly did so I agreed. We ended up at Fusion World Cuisine. Plenty of options!

When we got there, I was hungry, but knew I didn't need a lot to eat. They had a three-course asian meal special - soup, appetizer and entree for a reasonable price. So that's what I did, except the entree is going to be lunch for both of us tomorrow! I ordered lettuce wraps, hot and sour soup, and black bean chicken. I'll add one veggie serving for the lettuce.
Total fruits and veggies: 9
the lettuce wraps and I "splurged" on two pieces of Tim's calamari!
hot and sour soup
the main bean chicken (without black beans??) .
I ate about 3 bites of the chicken and a couple green peppers and called it good. I was full - no need to eat more. This plate of food is enough for both me an my husband to have lunch tomorrow. I'll just give him the rice that came with it (not in the pic).

My exercise: I swam for 30 minutes easy over my lunch break, about 1250 yards. Stretched for a few minutes in the not-so-hot hot tub.

And that's it! I was able to execute control at a restaurant by ordering reasonable options and only ate until I was full. We'll see if I can do the same's another holiday party!! I do know I pre-ordered a salmon dish...


Terry Odell said...

You lost me at the Clementines. Who ARE you?

Terry's Place
Romance with a Twist--of Mystery

Nicole said...

heeheehee. They were goooood. Nice and sweet. But if you remember I did eat the canned mandarin oranges, so this isn't much of a stretch. :D

Christi said...

Way to think through eating out! I will be tested twice this weekend. Once tonight at happy hour and again on Sunday for a Christmas party.

Just curious how did you hear about metabolic efficiency? Is it from a book?

Nicole said...

Christi - I think I first heard about it when I went through USAT Coach certification a few years ago. Bob Seebohar was one of the presenters. He wrote a book on it so I got it last year.