Friday, December 17, 2010

Metabolic Efficiency - Day 17 - Keep on Smiling!

This is the final Friday of my metabolic efficiency study! One more official weekend and a couple days next week and I'll wrap up the study.

Today started with a smoothie that I drank on the way to my physical therapy appointment. Bananas, strawberries and blueberries and pineapple! It actually made more than my standard cup full so I put the rest in another cup for a possible afternoon snack. I still need to get a photo of one of these smoothies for this blog!

My group at work went out for a celebratory lunch at Flatiron's Grill. I knew we were headed there so I looked at the menu online. If I am eating out and know where I am going, I always try to pick something out ahead of time when I'm not hungry so I'm not tempted by other goodies that might be on the menu! I got the cedar plank salmon with asparagus and artichoke hash. I ate until I was full, which wasn't quite all of it. Here's what was left. The hash did have potatoes, which I've been avoiding due to the starch, but it was plenty greasy to balance that out! The salmon was cooked perfectly. Finally a moist piece of salmon that didn't come out of my oven! I also had a garden salad - pretty standard fare.
Flatiron's cedar plank salmon
This meal really filled me up! It's definitely the "greasiest" meal I have had in 17 days. I didn't start to get hungry until after 5pm on my slow drive home. Friday traffic plus cold and snowy weather makes for a crawling commute. I finished off the smoothie and that tided me over a little longer. When I was ready for dinner, I didn't need a whole lot and as my veggie consumption was a little low, a big salad seemed the right thing to do. And eggs sounded good so I ate a spinach salad with 'roasted' beets, jicama and carrots and two eggs.
why not have a little fun with food?
That's it for today...I'll see you tomorrow when my in-laws show up.

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Christi said...

I often look up the menus for restaurants on line so I am more likely to make the right decision!