Sunday, December 19, 2010

Metabolic Efficiency - Day 19 - Fruit of the Vine

Today had a deviation meal in it. Ohhh but it was fun.
I had my standard fare for breakfast, but for lunch we went to D'Vine Wine in Manitou Springs, as earlier this year Tim and I got a 12-person wine tasting at a silent auction. We thought it'd be a nice family gathering with his parents in town, my folks and my brother and sister-in-law. And it was a great day!
the family tasting the first white wine
I had a few oyster crackers before we ordered appetizers

Round 1: bagel and pita chips, and some spinach artichoke dip
Round 2: some grapes, pepperocini, red pepper hummus, cheese, meat and crackers

Some almonds (and another pepperocini and some more hummus)
On to the reds
A little sleepy after tasting 7 wines.

the list - we had 3 whites, 3 reds and a warmed spice pinot noir
This was the extent of my exercise today (except the bicep curls lifting wine glasses)
Needless to say, after a lunch like that I was pretty tired in the afternoon! My husband and I wrapped some presents and then went to the grocery store. By then it was time for dinner and I was back on track. Baked BBQ chicken (I tried my best to take the skin off) with a big salad.
I used a red wine vinaigrette, not the ranch in the background.
I also threw in some green beans...
After dinner I made a HUGE fruit salad for the week (nibbled on some of the cantaloupe and pineapple) and got some meals around for tomorrow, as back to work I go!

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Terry Odell said...

We munched on the veggies that we were going to serve before YD was attacked by the cold bug. And then chili chicken breasts and a corn, bean & tomato salad/salsa thingie. All leftovers because after 7 wine samples, cooking wouldn't have been smart. Fire and knives. Nope.

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