Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Metabolic Efficiency - Day 8 - More Carbs!

Based on my summary profile from last week that showed I had eaten less than 40% carbohydrate intake, I focused on getting a few more carbohydrates in today. Let's see how I did!

Breakfast was my yogurt/whey/peanut butter/fruit mix. Today's fruit of choice was 1 cup of frozen blueberries (microwaved to warm goodness) and of course a banana.

I got hungrier earlier than usual today - maybe they worked me harder at my physical therapy appointment this morning? Or maybe it was all the sweets that were getting set out at the PT clinic for their holiday potluck. Brownies, danishes, apple cake, ... it looked really good! I kept asking if it was metabolically efficient, and the docs were trying to convince me that a cheese danish was. At least I'm not a sucker for cheese danishes or I might have believed them! Whatever the reason for my additional hunger, I ate my second meal/snack around 10am instead of 11am today.

This meal was fruit salad with greek yogurt. I also snacked on a a bit of my nut/raisin mix while sitting at my desk. A little after noon I was hungry again and was able to get my lunch eaten - a can of Amy's vegetarian chili - before a 1pm meeting.
That filled me up quite a bit and I didn't get hungry again until 5pm on my drive home so I munched on some carrots during my commute.

Dinner time! I had a spinach salad and half of my leftover zucchini and salmon from last night and then a great dessert. I chopped up an apple, a pear and added tofu cubes and raisins. Then I sprinkled it with cinnamon and a little cocoa and microwaved it. Not bad at all!
chopped apples & pears, raisins, tofu and cinnamon.
The results: 50% CHO, 24% fat and 26% protein for today. Success! I probably don't need to go over 50% carbs at this stage.

Today was also the weekly "weigh-in" day for my study. I came in at 135.6 lbs / 23.4%bf (vs. 136.2 lbs / 23.8%bf last Wednesday). It shows some slight improvement, but half a pound is within normal fluctuation. Certainly it is in a direction I don't mind going. But the number on the scale is just a number, which is why I'm having Kelly Ping at the UCCS Peak Nutrition Clinic perform the ISAK skinfold test before and after my study. That will be a better gauge of any body composition changes than my home scale.

See you tomorrow for day 9 updates!

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Mamarunsbarefoot said...

I've literally been the same weight for almost 6 years!!