Monday, December 13, 2010

Metabolic Efficiency - Day 13 - Fruit & Veggie Count

Today was relatively uneventful and I didn't take many pictures today. So let's count servings of fuiMy morning started with a bowl of yogurt mixed with vanilla whey protein, cocoa, a banana, fresh raspberries and some peanut butter. What a delicious way to start a Monday morning! Two fruit servings here.

I had an early morning (7:45am) physical therapy appointment where they continue to work on my chest, neck, and upper back so I can gain some additional range of motion. No injury - I'm just wicked tight so I swim slow. But I really don't have normal range of motion. I aspire to be average one of these days. The session starts with a nice (relative term here) massage and then I do some strengthening of my rotator cuff and some core work. The core is not for my shoulders, but it's always good to do!

Back at work and around 10:30 am I eat the leftover eggs I had scrambled with spinach, zucchini and chickpeas. Two veggie servings here. A little before 2pm I had my second lunch of leftover salmon with the zucchini (guess I had leftover zucchini today!) and shitake mushrooms.  I also snacked on a few regular raw mushrooms.  One and a half veggie servings here. I headed back over to PT (it's right across the street from where I work) as I had a real massage scheduled. She just worked on my legs. I must have a really high tolerance for pain, as I was dozing while she dug her elbow into my calf. Yowzers!

More work and then I'm getting hungry before it's time to go so I get my fruit and cottage cheese. These grapes were really sweet! An awesome afternoon snack! Two fruit servings here.
the container was full when I started, empty when I finished.
Now I'm home and have to figure out what's for dinner! I have a fridge full of fresh veggies, so I get out the kale and make some kale chips. Snack on a few of those. I realized I never used the beets I got, so I sliced those up and baked them for a bit. I'll used them in a salad tomorrow night. I chopped up some red and green peppers, along with some jicama that will go in my lunch tomorrow. Does anyone else have a dog that loves bell peppers? They are Juno's favorite vegetable. Every time I cut one up she's right there so of course I share with her. Probably half a serving snacking on the kale and peppers.
My actual dinner ended up being leftover pork, cauliflower, and salsa from last night. A slightly smaller portion, but the same meal nonetheless. And it still tasted delicious. I'll go with one and a half servings of veggies at dinner.
Total fruit and veggie servings: 9.5
Not a bad day...See you tomorrow!


Jess said...

Loki lovez teh bell pepperz! ;)

Christi said...

Hannah, my beagle, will not eat anything green!