Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chemistry Revisited and Flip Turns

A friend's daughter is taking high school chemsitry and needed a tutor. Since I have a chemistry degree and enjoy tutoring, I was more than happy to take on the task. It's been great revisiting the basic chemical principles, and I really think it is starting to make sense to her. I know it is one more thing to add to my week, but I'm having a great time doing it!

As usual, it's been a busy week. Here's a taste of the training done this week:

Tuesday at the Track
Another great workout run by Coach Mitch...
~1 mile walk to warm up
800m easy jog
1600 at Tempo pace (for me 2:05/400m)
400 recovery
1200 at Interval pace (1:54/400)
400 recovery
800 at Interval pace
400 recovery
400 at Repetition pace (1:48/400)
800 jog/walk recovery

Tuesday was a big workout day since I swam about 1500yds in the morning and did some strength training over lunch. These days are great since you really eat all day to fuel for the workout and make sure you've eaten enough for the next!

Wednesday: swim in the morning (easy day of about 1000 yds just focusing on form). I'm really working on getting my elbows high and keeping my body streamlined.
Lunch time: 50 minute spin on one of the resistance spinners in the "spin room" at the gym. It's a little more configureable to seat height and handlebar position than the stationary bikes out on the main aerobic floor. Plus it has better toe clips than those awful rubber straps. I just wore my mountain bike shoes for the stiff soles. But user beware! I was about launched a few times as the spin wheel takes a few seconds to slow down - you just can't stop pedaling!

Thursday - today! Another morning swim of about 1500yds. I feel my stroke is coming along - as long as I keep my shoulders, back and lats stretched out this season I may have a chance at some faster swim times. The excitement of the day - I actually did a few flip turns! I've been working on them the last few weeks at the pool I still have to master the push-off and breathing timing, but I'm getting better! Did a nice flip with my feet landing on the wall. Shannon and I will film our strokes this weekend so I'll try a few for the camera and see how I look!

Time to play Rockband!

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