Saturday, March 01, 2008

Hills and Tires

Great team workout today! The TNT tri folks and the run-walkers met up at Cottonwood Creek Park and headed up to a nice hill for some more repeats. 6 were on the schedule, but most of the tri folks just did 4 as we needed to get to Bicycle Village for a bike clinic. The awesome folks there went over how to change a flat tire and basic bicycle maintenace. Sarah brought bagels and I brought bananas (of course!) to feed the team and leave the rest with the BV shop folks.
But back to the run....from the park, we walked then jogged a bit over 2 miles to the "start line." Coach Mitch used flour to mark the path so we could find our way and also and the start line. Over a walkie-talkie a quarter-mile up the hill, we heard the "on your marks.......get set.....beeeeeep!" They we hoofed it up. My times:
1) 2:13
2) 2:03 (paced off the lead guys who really sped it up!)
3) 2:05
4) 1:59 (Last one is the fastest one!)

Then we jogged back down the hill the 2+ miles back to the car and sped off to BV for the clinic.

A little plug for Bicycle Village since they are very supportive of Team in Training. Thanks to Keaton for all the helpful hints, and thanks to Chris for getting it set up. And of course thanks to Stephen, Coach Charlotte, and the others who are all very friendly and helpful to the TNT team members! We very much appreciate the help you give us!

On a sidenote - I was surfing the Specialized Bike and checking out the 2008 Tarmac (I have a 2006). I can't believe they made one in orange and blue! I know I live in Bronco Country and am a U of Illinois alumnus, but orange and blue to me will always be Florida Gator colors. GO 'NOLES! :-)

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