Monday, March 31, 2008

Mars report

Mars isn't doing so well tonight. He wasn't interested in his food and he didn't move around much. He usually is all over treats in a kong toy - it takes him about 30 seconds to bite it to have the treat fall out. Tonight he barely showed any interest in it. I'm trying to get him into the vet tomorrow, as I know loss of appetite isn't good. A little over a week ago we had him retested to see if he was back in the "normal" range on his ACTH stimulation test, which he was. Since his mobility had decreased with him off the Rimadyl for about a week, the vet said we could wait a week or so before starting the maintenance dose of Lysodren to help the Cushings. He seemed to be doing better, but he still needs/wants help getting up and has trouble on slick surfaces. We started taking him on short (2 block) walks to try to increase his muscle strength. He had a normal appetite (the whole bowl of food gets swallowed in about 2 minutes) but he ate a bit slower this morning and tonight he just didn't seem to want to eat. Not good. I hope we find out what is going on since he is such a sweet and wonderful dog. You get pets knowing that they have a limited life span, but they are such great companions you really don't want anything to happen to them. Here's a good pic of Juno and Mars:

But it is Monday which means a banana recipe! Here's an easy one for everyone who lives in a warmer climate (why won't it just stay warm?!??!!)

Banana Freeze
Mash up a few ripe bananas
Mix in some vanilla extract
Put in freezer for 20-30 minutes to get it nice and cold and thick (but don't let it freeze too long or you will have a big banana ice cube!)



Monkey said...

I hope Mars gets to feeling better. If you're anything like me, it's really tough to see your animal get sick. I'll keep him in my doggy prayers. :-)

Leslie H said...

I am so sad to hear about Mars. :-( I still think of him running around the lake with all the dogs out here in Illinois. I hope he gets better soon!!