Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday - Sunday - Sunday!

I guess football Sundays are now over! Not that I spent a whole lot of time watching pro ball (especially since my team was the 1-15 Dolphins). Started today off with a swim session - a friend offered to film me, which was great, as she was able to get different angles than when I just set-up my tripod at the end of my lane. There are still plenty of things for me to work on but I am doing quite a bit better, in my opinion. I am happy that I seem to be getting a decent amount of extension, though there is is room for more, especially with my left side. Tomorrow I have another swim session, about 1600 yds.

I didn't get out and run this weekend. Yesterday was gorgeous, but I used it as a rest day. I had been planning on Saturday being easy swim and run day, but since Ruby thought Sunday would be easier to get a lane in the pool, we switched the swim to today. Tomorrow is a swim/run day so I just decided to skip the run.

Didn't do too much else today - some cleaning, I suppose. How can I say this - I despise cleaning. And so does my husband, probably more so than me since he'd never clean a bathroom, even when it is obvious it needs it. I wonder if he realizes how much time it takes, as he doesn't get why I get stressed out when there is so much to be done. Guess I haven't "trained" him right. ;-) But he did do some laundary, vacuum, and steam vac some today so I have to give him credit! He is also getting a little better about cleaning up the table after we are done eating. Sometimes, though, we just have to say, "men!" with a big sigh!

Don't forget to come back tomorrow for the next banana recipe.

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