Saturday, February 16, 2008

Gonna Be a Rockstar!

I finally get to join the ranks of the Rockstars! Maybe (definitely) it isn't romantic, but I got the video game Rockband for Valentine's Day! I'm already a "guitar hero," but now I can be a drum hero! Totally fun game - just hit the colored drum pads at the same time as the colored rectangles cross the line on the screen and bam! - you're playing the drums with your favorite bands. No more need to put on the headphones and crank up the volume to play along to your favorite songs and hope you are getting it right.

Training News
The first group TNT triathlon workout was today. We did a little warm-up jog, went over some stretches, and a few plyometric exercises and then did an easy 30 minute run along the trail in Monument Valley Park. The run/walk team met at 7am, and some of the runners were still hanging out when we got there munching on the bagels and hot drinks their coach had for them. High standards to live up to! But I suppose if he makes his team meet at 7am in the middle of February he owes them something! The sun was warming things up nicely by our 9am meeting time. Hopefully the group had as much of an enjoyable time as I did!

In fact, the day was so nice I had to go for my first bike ride of the year out on the roads. I took a ride just slightly over 10 miles - simply headed north out of the neighborhood. It's downhill for the first 1.5 miles (about a 200 foot elevation drop) then a gradual incline to gain 500 feet over the next four miles. Then I just turned around and came back the way I came. It was windy coming out of the south, so the downhills weren't as fast as they could have been. There are a few stoplights and sand still on the road from the winter snows so I was being a little extra cautious. It was just wonderful to get outside and ride!

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