Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Banana Split!

It's been a while since my last banana recipe and as it is mid-summer, I got to thinking of the....

BANANA SPLIT! What a delicious work of art! So here's a link to the wikipedia entry on banana splits for more that you could ever want to know about this classic american dessert!

ohhhh- I am hungry! Especially after tonight's track workout!
Here's what we did:
800m easy warm-up
800m T pace
400m easy
800m T pace
400m easy
800m I pace
400m easy
800m R pace
400m easy
plyometrics and core work
800m easy cool down

It was a great night for track - a storm had blown through about 30 minutes prior to the workout cooling things down perfectly!


Jess said...

We so have to figure out how to get your workouts to burn my extra calories...

Nicole said...

Heehee! I'm sure your jujitsu counts for something though!