Saturday, January 26, 2008

Signed up for a Bike Camp

Now that triathlon will be my primary sport, I'm hoping to make as many improvements as possible to my "game." Colorado Springs happens to be a sports mecca, I'm guessing partly due to the presence of the Olympic Training Center. But that gives us mortal athletes some great opportunities. Also here is Carmichael Training Systems, a sports training company run by Lance Armstrong's coach, Chris Carmichael. At the end of April they are having a Beginner Road Skills camp here in town and I'm shelling out the $650 to attend. It really is a birthday present from Tim...does it matter that it will take place 6 months after my birtday? At least I don't have to travel and can sleep in my own bed! I'm pretty excited - I think I have some potential to be a strong cyclist and would like to learn as much as I can. I'm sure the camp will give me some new places to ride in town and also help me to be a better TNT coach.

Pretty soon I need to put together my race schedule and training plan for the year. I hope to have my 'A' race triathlon be the Loveland Lake to Lake Olympic on June 28th and I will also be participating in the Hood to Coast Relay at the end of August. I'll fill in the May-June-July with some sprint races, 5ks and 10ks.

Today's training:
65 minutes on the trainer. The spinning class at BV went out on the road (too chilly for me still) so I put in my own effort in the basement. Since I'm pretty much in the prep phase, just getting in some easy aerobic work is all I need. After a 10 minute warm-up I did a few 10 minute sets alternating cadences (90rpm, then 100rpm) keeping HR ~150bpm so adjusting gears as needed. Finished off with a single leg drill then 10 minute cool-down.

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