Monday, January 21, 2008

Frozen Bathing Suits - The real post for today

When it doesn't get above 25 degrees or so, wet bathing suits will freeze in your car. I swim most weekday mornings and will usually open my bag and pull out the towel and suit to drape them over the back seat so as not to be in a closed environment while I am at work. I suppose this is more useful in the summer, because as I learned today, the bathing suit will freeze in the winter. It's safe and in the house now, all thawed out.

The snow never really let up until tonight, but it didn't really accumulate, either. Just plain cold, though. My poor mom...she's here from Florida visiting my brother, his wife and her first grandchild. We told her not to worry, it gets cold for a few days and warms back up. She's been here a week and I think we've had only one day above freezing. Doesn't look much better for the rest of the week. Sorry, mom!


Terry Odell said...

Yeah, what's with this cold weather, anyway? What about global warming?

Nicole said...

you got me! pretty darn cold, I'd say!