Friday, February 04, 2011

Los Angeles!

I arrived in LA around 8:30pm on Sunday the 30th and found my grandparents waiting for me at the baggage claim area. We made it back to the their house and enjoyed some cake. Who can turn down cake and coffee from their grandparents?
Oma's cranberry cake.
I didn't last too long before I needed to go to bed. My grandparents have been in the same house for a long time (since the 50s) and it was nice to be in a familiar place, even though the visit was short. 
After breakfast on Monday, Oma and I headed over Coldwater Canyon to the Valley. We went to the mall and hit up a Coldwater Creek store, where she was nice enough to buy me a few things.
Beverly Drive and Coldwater Canyon
Palm trees at the mall.
Coldwater Canyon
Still on Coldwater...
Back at the house, I had a quick snack, crammed the new clothes into my suitcase. Not much room, but somehow I made it work! We then headed over to Santa Monica where I got to get my toes in the sand and the ocean. I soaked up as much sun as I could, as I would be returning to temperatures in the single digits in Colorado and snow! I really didn't want to leave the southern California sun! I had to leave paradise and I got on the plane back to Denver, where temps were heading below 0F.

we were heading the wrong way. ;-)
Didn't see the Fresh Prince (Bel-Air)
Almost to the beach in Santa Monica
Waiting for the light to change...almost to the water
parking lots are for the birds!
sand and mountains
It was nice to see the ocean again!
and get my feet in the water
and in the sand!
Late lunch here before my flight.
And I get dropped off at LAX for my flight back to Colorado.

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