Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ironman Arizona Road Trip - Part 3

Monday, Nov 22 - Let's Do It!
The whole point of this trip was not only to see an Ironman race, but to register for next year's race. And Shannon, Kelly and I did just that! It was another day of getting up around 5am. We made it to Tempe Beach Park shortly after 6am. The volunteer line (they get priority registration) was already significant. The general registration line was shorter, but us in that line had to wait until all the volunteers were signed up. Shannon volunteered so she was able to get through the line much quicker. That was nice, as she was able to run to Dunkin' Donuts and get me a coffee (no donuts today). I stood in the same spot for over 3 hours! Kelly got there a few minutes after me and was only a few people behind in line. Everyone was really friendly and just as excited for next year. The conversation focused on the amazing performances of yesterday’s pros, how the age groupers made it through non-ideal conditions and that we’ve all got an intense year ahead of us to train for this race.
registration lines for IMAZ 2011
At 9:50am I was able to register. We are an insane bunch. Spending 18 hours the previous day cheering on athletes, then getting up after only a few hours sleep to wait in line for several hours and drop $600 to sign up for a race that will take place a year from now. All a part of the journey to become an Ironman, I suppose. 

The rest of Monday was lazy as we were TIRED. Made it back to the hotel around 10:30, rested a bit and then went to In-n-Out burger for lunch. I was able to meet Leslie there, which was nice since we’ve only chatted via facebook.
Leslie and I finally meet!
Shannon and I got to eat burgers and I had to get a milkshake. Then we drove the bike course to check it out. There is some elevation gain, but no real hills. I can see how it might get windy out there. Once back at the hotel, we hung out at the pool (I napped) and then back in the room. Shannon and Darby went to the volunteer dinner at the Tempe Arts Center and I met Nina and Dana for dinner at Macayo’s Depot Cantina. Dana wanted Mexican and who is to refuse the wishes of an Ironman!
We were back at the hotel by 8pm and got ready for bed, as tomorrow was going to be another day of early rising and a long day in the car.

Tuesday, Nov 23
Shannon, Darby and I hit the road around 6am, and made a stop at starbucks to get some "fuel." The rest of the day was driving, driving, and more driving. Lunch stop at Arby's in Albuquerque (the last junk food of the trip!) and we made it back to Colorado Springs about 13 hours after we left. I picked up my dog Juno from my brother's house and then went home, took an epsom salt bath and went to bed. But not before I started reading Going Long...


Laura said...

SO SO SO exciting!!! has the reality of it set in yet!?

Terry Odell said...

OK, so after reading your race report, I'll have plenty to worry about for an entire year.

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Nicole said...

Hi Laura - I think the reality will set in once the real training begins. Right now it's just exciting!
Mom- no need to worry. I'm in good hands with my coach and all the others out there who will help guide me through this journey!

goSonja said...

it's onnnnnnn!

Darlene said...

I've got IMAZ in my sights for 2012!

Your posts gave me a great idea... my parents live in Gilbert (right next to Tempe) ... maybe I'll combine an early Thanksgiving trip with volunteering at the race in order to get in.

Maybe I'll be there to cheer you on in person! :) This is exciting!