Saturday, March 13, 2010

St. Pat's 5k Race Report

The day started with a TNT workout at Monument Valley Park. I always choose this location for the St. Pat's 5k race day so I can get the Team on a nice endurance run and not be too far from the race start! They did about an hour, I did about 25 minutes to warm up and then walked over to Acacia Park, but not without admiring the view of the Peak. Not to mention the clear skies- perfect race day weather!

Then I got to the was a happening place!

The blue globe is actually a fountain - Uncle Wilber to be specific. Lots of green shirts hanging around!
After finding the port-o-potty I mosied over to the start line. Even though I'm not the fastest, I still like to get close to the front, expecially in a race with no start mat (gun time only, though it was chip timed).

10am sharp the gun went off. The start is a gradual downhill so everyone goes too fast. I can't say that I don't somewhat follow the crowd. But I checked my GPS to try to maintain a sensible pace. After a half-mile or so, the course turns north and that means uphill, even if ever so gradual. The legs know. They know. My legs felt pretty good considering I'm at the tail end of a 3 week build phase (cycling focus).
But my lungs hurt. Oh did they hurt. My average heart rate for the race was 178. It was 185 at the finish. It's always these fast races when I question why I do this. I mean, I can run 3 miles no problem. But why try to run it as fast as I can?  I suppose I like to see if I can go a little faster and I always feel good after crossing a finish line (sometimes it's "phew - glad that's over!" and other times it's a little more celebratory.) Today was celebratory.
On tired legs I got my 5k PR of 23:32.7. My goal was to beat last year's time of 23:53 and I did. And I ever so slightly beat the 23:34 PR I set a couple years ago on a flat course at sea level (or slightly below) in New Orleans. So a very successful morning!
At the finish line I ran into my friend Shannon and since I got a pic of us together from the last race I ran, I needed another.

Got a post race massage and then started thinking about refueling as I had a 3+hr bike ride to do in the afternoon!


Terry Odell said...

Congrats on the PR.

Nicole said...

Thank you! :-)