Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm Tired.

I'm just plain tired today. First, it's my 12th wedding anniversary and my husband is in DC until Friday on business. Sucks. But I kept busy - got a long run in - almost 14 miles! The Garmin File. Ran with Jessica, someone I met at the Kansas half - she and her husband just moved to town a few weeks ago. Definitely great to have someone keep you company on a long run like that. The conversation makes the pain more bearable!

Made chocolate pancakes for my post-run meal. Yum. Then got cleaned up, sat on the couch for a while with my legs elevated and my eyes closed. Didn't fall asleep but I wanted to!

Then I headed over to our townhouse (but first stopping by walgreens to get some cleaning supplies) to keep working on the prep. Want to get this thing ready to rent as soon as we possibly can. I went through all the rooms and touched up paint where it needed it. Then I tried to scrub the tile in the shower. Got tired of that fast, so then I started putting outlet covers back on and pulling off the painters tape. Place still needs a lot of work but it's coming along. The carpet guys are coming to measure later in the week.

I was getting pretty hungry after all that so I stopped by the Heart of Jerusalem cafe for a yummy falafel sandwich and went home. Now I'm doing laundry and writing this. And working on a fitness plan for my sister. Didn't get to the grocery store and I'm out of just about everything. oh well.

Through all this we're trying to put an offer in on a house we like. A little more complicated with Tim out of town (and he's not actually seen the house). and my legs hurt. Not pain hurt but fatigue hurt from everything today. Think I will get my bike on the trainer and do an easy spin for a few minutes and then stretch. and chill out with my foam roller to work on any kinks in my muscles - I'm sure there are plenty of kinks. Better stop rambling and get on with my evening!


Jess said...

did i do a good enough job priming that red wall?

Nicole said...

yup! excellent job! :-) now if only you were here to help scrub tile!