Thursday, July 02, 2009

hello from keystone

Quick post today - been in Keystone since Saturday at the 2009 Porsche Parade. Lots of nice cars! We've been on a tour to the old 10th mtn division (the ski troops) training camp from wwii - camp hale. yesterday we participated in a time-speed-distance rally and according to the preliminary results we came in 5th in our class. apparently that's pretty impressive for our first rally and that we are still on speaking terms!

The rally is this - you get a set of instructions which get you from point a to point b, and there are a set of rules on how to execute the instructions. there are checkpoints along the way separating the rally into legs and each leg is scored independently. the instructions might say CAST 33 0.5mi after "mountain views" which means to change your average speed to 33mph a half-mile after a sign that has the exact text "mountain views" on it. the idea is to enter each checkpoint as close to the perfect time, as calculated by the rally master. you can buy rally computers for your cars, which do a lot of the calculations for you. I think we got lucky - we must not have gotten off course, we used a watch that was in the ballpark of the master clock and the average speed function on tim's car. We entered in the navigation class since we had a GPS in the car, but didn't use it. It probably also helped that the rally was in the same general area as the 10th mtn div tour so we had just been on some of the roads a few days earlier! but that can't help with getting the timing just right!

These rallies can cause a lot of stress between driver and navigator, but Tim and I went into it with similar expectations as it was our first one and we are still very much on speaking terms! I can imagine in an area with more roads than rural Colorado, it could be very complicated! Today is the autocross - Tim will go watch and I am going to get some training in before the afternoon BeerFest!

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