Friday, February 27, 2009

USAT Certification and Bananas to Celebrate!

Yesterday was a good day. After a long day at work, I came home deciding to go for an easy run. The weather was good so I took Juno with me. She managed to jog with me for the first half, but on the way back we walked a bit. She actually did better than I thought she would. I think we were both glad to be outside and since this is a recovery week, I didn't mind a little walking. When we got back I checked the mail and there it was - the letter I'd been hoping for! Tthe official word that I passed the USA Triathlon Level I Coaching Certification test and am now a certified coach! I can now wrap up some of the details in setting up my coaching business. The March shutdown (2 weeks of no "day job" will be perfect for this).

Tim got home a few minutes later and we decided to head downtown for dinner. We went to the Metropolitan, an underground bar that also serves "small plates." So we got drinks (mint chocolate chip martini for me) and some pretty good food. Tim was still a little hungry, and of course I can always eat, so we got dessert - baked bananas with vanilla bean ice cream. Not bad - the dish was a banana cut in half, lengthwise with cinnamon, sugar, and possibly some vanilla sprinked on top and then baked, still in the peel. The ice cream was just vanilla on the side in a small dish. Simple but good. A nice way to celebrate my certification!

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