Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ironman Is Approaching!

There are twelve days until I toe the line for what I've been preparing for over the past year. A challenge that is surmountable, but it hasn't been an easy journey. I've blogged occasionally throughout my triathlon season with race reports. I'm in my taper now, and feeling the mix between rest and that odd taper fatigue. Here's a random recap of my season and some thoughts going forward.

  • I started 2011 with some running races, including a very challenging 25k at Cheyenne Mountain State Park.
  • I've competed in 5 triathlons so far this season, with the first being in June. Ironman Arizona will be my 6th.
  • I raced my first criterium (and won!)
  • I continued to coach for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Team In Training Program. Check out my Challenge for all you who live in the Pikes Peak Region!
  • According to my TrainingPeaks logs, since January 1st, I've spent 200 hours on my bike logging 3115 miles, 108 hours have been spend running 568 miles, and 293451 yards were swum over 125 hours.
  • I've been a pin cushion for the last couple months while getting some dry needling therapy to help release some chronic trigger points.
I can honestly say I've enjoyed my training and the challenge that it brings. I'm surprised I haven't been more fatigued while working full time, being a wife, coaching athletes, and training 15-20 hours per week. I've been getting 6.5-8 hours of sleep a night (would of course like more!) I think a lot has to do with my improved diet as I worked to be more metabolically efficient. Honestly, it freaks me out a little when I read ironman race reports and they all end in GI distress...let's hope my nutrition plan works!

I'll post more over then next 12 days, but right now I need to get ready for bed, because I have to swim in the morning...


Christi said...

Congratulations on a great year so far! You are going to top this one off with a great finish!

Nicole said...

Thanks Christi!

Terry Odell said...

I just had my first dry needling session too. But I don't plan on running any marathons, or swimming, or biking. And congrats on your dedication.

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Captain Chas said...

If it makes you feel any better, I did Vineman (an Iron-Length Triathlon) last year and I didn't feel an GI distress. The key for me was knowing beforehand what upset my stomach and what didn't by eating during my LONG training runs (more sometimes than "advised"). - And, even more importantly, I did NOT eat a heavy pasta meal the night before! (My favorite is salmon and rice).

Here's to hoping you avoid the GI distress! I'm hoping to do Ironman Arizona next year - look forward to the race report!

Nicole said...

Chas, Thanks for the comment and congrats on Vineman! I'm with you on not eating a big pasta dinner! :) Salmon and rice is also my favorite pre-race meal. I had that before all the Boulder Tri Series races.

Jess said...

swim! bike! run! eat cake!