Thursday, July 21, 2011

Inaugural SoCo Ride for the Cure - Ride Report

This ride was a the start to a very busy weekend for me! A 72 mile ride on the "flats" of Colorado would be a perfect training ride. AND since I know many, many people affected by breast cancer (my grandmother and mother-in-law included) it seemed like a no-brainer to ride. Thanks to David Pico of The Peak Region Cyclist who made it a little easier for me to get in. I'm still accepting donations so if you have a few bucks (every dollar helps!) let's see if we can't wipe out breast cancer! DONATE HERE! THANK YOU!!!

Once again I had to get up at the crack of dawn. Well, 4am is even earlier than the crack of dawn! It was going to be a cooker out there so a 6am start time was a good idea. I drove all the way down south to the Pikes Peak International Raceway in Fountain, about 35 miles south of where I live. I'd forgotten how far south it really is! But I got there with enough time to get checked in and met up with Terri and Christi. Terri and I were both on TT bikes and are getting ready for the Boulder 70.3 so we rode together.
Terri and me at the first rest stop.
For Colorado standards the ride is flat, although the first part was the "uphill" part and it seemed going north we had a bit of a headwind. Nothing like it could be, but noticeable. The further north we got, the wind died down a bit and we figured it was shifting, as in the afternoons it usually comes out of the south. Sure enough, on our way back south we had another headwind. There is no escaping a headwind here in Colorado!

There we five, appropriately spaced aid stations along the course and we stopped at each one. All were well-stocked with goodies, although I was only going for the water, as I was testing out my Generation UCAN only fueling plan. (1 packet chocolate prior, 1 cran-raspberry and 1 chocolate during). It worked, although my stomach was feeling a bit empty. So I will need to incorporate a little bit of substance into my future fueling plan. But otherwise my energy felt great. I consumed additional electrolytes with Nuun.

Terri and I just rode along, enjoying the scenery a quality training ride. We had started our ride in the back of the pack, but made our way up front after a few miles. Being on the TT bike on those flat roads and slight wind was to our advantage! We also stopped for a photo op at an "impromtu rest stop," a recliner on the side of the road!

As we approached the 3rd aid station, my chain wasn't shifting so well (I had just put my 11-25 cassette back on after using the 12-28 for the Boulder Peak). Lucky for me the Bicycle Village crew was there and tweaked it for me and we were on our way shortly thereafter!

The next part of the ride was more downhill so I worked on keeping my cadence near 100rpm. I did a pretty good job at that (and going downhill makes it easier!) We made our way back south and hit up the final aid station at about mile 66. At this point my left calf and hamstring were pretty tight, and although I didn't need more water, I thought it would be a good idea to stretch. I also got some nice compliments on my bike at this stop!

We cruised the last 8 miles, and caught up with pro/olympian Alison Dunlap and a friend of hers. We could have passed them, but I told Terri - we never get to draft so why not draft off a pro!? So we cruised with them all the way into the finish.
Alison Dunlap and me after the race
The finish party was nice - food from Chick-fil-A, Rudi's BBQ, and Borriello's Pizza. There was great music from KRCC, free massages from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy (much needed for my calf and hammy!) Oh, and beer from Colorado Mountain Brewery. And I did partake in that! I chatted with folks at the expo. Rocky Mountain Rags had made the sweet Pikes Peak Cycling Society jersey I was wearing.

All and all, a really great ride! Here's the GPS and Power data.
More photos from Pikes Peak Sports.

Then I went home, took a nap, and went with my buddy Khem to go see the Indigo Girls in Boulder at the Chautauqua amphitheater. It. Rocked.
had to wear my Stomach of Anger "Girls Climb in the Big Ring" to this show!
I was a bit tired, but.... I got to eat chocolate covered bacon before the show (at a place called George's in Boulder) and enjoy one of the best live acts ever!!
even chocolate is better with bacon!!!

my seat was a couple rows in front of the sound board
cell phones don't take great photos...i was only about 10 rows back!
Then I crashed at Khem's place in order to make the 7:45 TNT open water swim at Grant Ranch....just coached this one.

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