Saturday, February 20, 2010

Back in the swing of TNT

The Summer Team In Training season has begun (even though it's February, below freezing and we got an inch or two of snow last night)! Today was our first group workout on the bike. Weather didn't permit us to ride outside, so we met up at Bicycle Village and had a spin class. It was a nice way for me to check bike fit and answer questions about cycling while they "rode away."

Many thanks to Steve Vaughan who led the class. We actually had some of the Bicycle Village regular spinners and the spring TNT team show up. We packed the room for sure!

After the workout was over, I did a Traithlon Gear Clinic for the new athletes. BV supports the triathlete (they are also a sponsor of the Pikes Peak Tri Club) so I could walk around the store and show them everything they need to have, what is good to have, and what is not necessary but "cool" to have.

Thanks to BV for letting us use your space, and thanks to the great summer TNT Triathletes! GO TEAM!

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