Wednesday, March 18, 2009

end of week report and exams

Today is day #5 (wow - it is Friday already!) of the ATMEL 2-week shutdown. Brief recap of the week so far.
1) Coach with a Coach...I've hired a coach to train me. You might ask why a coach would need a coach. There are several reasons - one being that if you spend a lot of your time with your clients, you tend to neglect yourself (especially with a busy schedule like mine). Second, it always helps to have someone else out there motivating you. I met Coach Matt at the USAT Level I Coaching Clinic. We have a similar science background and have similar philosphies regarding training and how it fits into life, so we'll give it a shot.

2) Vision is still stable...I had my annual check-up on Wednesday and all is good. My eye prescription still hasn't changed -it's been stable for at least 4 years now. Going to the eye doctor is not one of your "traumatic" doctor offices, although some might not enjoy the puff of air in the glaucoma test. Every year I try not to flinch and every year I fail. My doc also gives this peripheral vision test - you put a patch over one eye and rest your chin on this rest of a bowl-like contraption that might be an planetarium for mice. You stare at a light spot and then flashes of light go off in different locations in the bowl, and each time you see a light flash, you click a clicker. For some reason I think this is also a reaction time test, and I'm clicking away as fast as I can as soon as I see the light. Haven't missed a flash yet!

3) Neck Poppin'...At last Saturday's race I got a free massage and they were scheduling free evaluations with a chiropractor. Why not check it out - can't hurt, right? I went on Monday, got some x-rays, back on Tuesday and apparently I'm pretty whacked out in my neck and lower back. Though it probably explains some of the little aches in my neck and lower back I ignore or blame on training. Since I've got insurance coverage for this, I figured I would sign up for the treatment that I'm covered for. Every afternoon (good thing I'm off work) I head over there for time in a wobble chair, self-hanging on this neck contraption, 10 minutes of a nice back massage table - it runs along the spine, creating space between the vertebrae, and then an adjustment by the doctor. Boy does my neck crack - yesterday was really loud. I have about 12 more visits over the next few weeks and then they will take more x-rays to see how much my "loss of curve" in my neck and my other misalignments have improved.

4) NEO Endurance Sports and Fitness...been working on the research for my business plans. Also have a lot of documentation to take care of like business cards, waivers, athlete history forms. But I look forward to getting my coaching business rolling!


Jess said...

neck and lower back... me too, me too! Join the spine-crackin' club!! Woohoo!

I might be invading in July.. I've emailed EShore some details.

The bananas I bought LAST weekend still aren't nicely ripe. Sheesh.

All clear on eye-health today. They had to do the puff of air half a dozen times in my right eye... I have permission to exercise again, but no "falling". So I guess I'll do a lot of the throwing! Ha!

The cookie man wasn't at the farmer's market today, which is sad. He makes pb/chocolate chip cookies.

Nicole said...

mmmm- cookies. bummer the cookie guy wasn't there.

glad your eyes are "lookin' good!"

July should be fine, have a race the 12th in Boulder, but otherwise will be in town after the 4th.

Jess said...

was looking at tix from the 2nd thru the 15th or 16th...still waiting on word back from E. The 4th is boring here, and most of Iain's new troop will be away in the desert, so no point in a BBQ. I want a REAL 4th this year! ;) Iain says I deserve to go see my family, as it will have been well over a year by then!