Thursday, September 04, 2008

Post-Race Adventure - 1st Leg

After the awards ceremony (we came in 7th so didn't get anything) on a breezy, misty Sunday morning, my aunt Amy and uncle Dennis from Salem came to pick me up. I spent a couple days with them. On the scenic drive (couldn't see the beach - too rainy and cloudy) we stopped in a small town to have lunch (oh did a real meal sound great!). The 'Thong Distance Runners' were there, complete with thongs (the underwear kind) on their heads. yup. Next was a stop at the Tillamook cheese factory. The production lines weren't working, but we still got some samples of cheese and I got a dish of "Cows in Brownie Batter" icecream. I'll let you figure out what kind that is.

A relaxing evening was in store. A high school friend (fellow band geek from the days) and now a fellow triathlete, Andrew, came by for dinner. He lives outside Portland so it wasn't too bad a drive down to Salem. We had some discussions about wine and hill climbs on bikes. Very nice to catch up.

The next morning I borrowed my uncle's 20 year old mountain bike and took it for a spin around the neigborhood. I think that helped some of the soreness in my legs - IT bands and calves were a bit tight still! Next was a visit to an old Woolen Mill with Dennis. They were missionaries to the indians turned wool products manufacturers. Lunch with Amy (she works for the government) and a brief visit to the state capitol. Is it a dixie cup on top?? After lunch we walked around a park at the Willamette river and then back home to hang out with Chicory (the bird) Cinnamon and Ginger (the cats). After dinner was a trip to Konditorei - a cafe that sells huge slices of cake. Oh yum. my saying: where there is cake, there is Nicole.

Next I rent a car and head down the coast. Leg 2 of the post race adventure will be posted Saturday night. I'll be in Boulder Friday night/Sat am for one last triathlon of the season.


Terry Odell said...

So, what happened to Tim? And was that Schlessinger you spoke of?

Nicole said...

Tim headed back so for Mars, our pet sitter wasn't comfortable watching him for that long. And yes, twas Schlesinger.

Hannah with Tillamook Cheese PR said...


I'm glad you stopped by the Tillamook Cheese Factory, and enjoyed our ice cream. Congrats on your triathlon. The American Cancer Society is a great cause.

Since you tried Cows in Brownie Batter, I wanted to let you know that later this fall we are going to have a contest to re-name the ice cream as part of our 100th Anniversary Celebration. We will announce the details for the contest through our new Tillamook Fan Club, which will also launch this fall.

Check out our Delicious Page for the link to sign up for an invite to the fan club:

Thanks again!