Thursday, August 21, 2008

Made it to Oregon

Tim and I made it to Oregon last night. We met up with about half the Girls Heart Rockets relay team. A trip to the grocery store and then up into the Hood River area (parkdale) to stay at a teammate's parents place. It's pretty sweet - they have a pear orchard. It's rainy this morning but occaisonally the sun will peek through and we'll catch a glimpse of Mound Hood.
Tim's gone with a few people this morning to pick up the vans. The Hood to Coast relay starts tomorrow - our team has a 7:30pm (yes, pm) start time. We'll hang out the rest of today and decorate the vans when they return with the rest of the team.
The neighbor's dog just showed up ready to play- a well-fed black lab. Guess they are friendly around here!

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Monkey said...

So??? How was the race? Did you have a good time? I'm sure you did. Can't wait to catch up!